Implement a next gen democracy package that includes stronger civics education, youth representation, and intergenerational fairness in California.


Young people are the future of California, and we need to ensure that that state benefits from their leadership development and expertise. California’s youth population is also shrinking, as the state becomes increasingly unaffordable to live. This proposal aims to strengthen youth participation, empower young leaders, and foster intergenerational collaboration to address the long-term needs of all Californians. This work is particularly important given the massive intergenerational challenges posted by climate change, increasing automation, unaffordable housing, and entrenched partisan polarization. 


  • Strengthen California’s high school civics requirement to include experiences with participation, discussion, negotiation, and compromise in a democracy.
  • Mandate that all state and local boards and commissions have at least one voting member who was under age 35 at the time of appointment or term renewal—start with a pilot program in a few boards and commissions that youth-serving organizations identify as high priorities.
  • Create an intergenerational fairness assessment tool that scores all state legislation and budget activity based on the extent to which it disadvantages any particular age cohort alive today as well as the life cycle of the next generation of California.